Professor Kia NazarpourUniversity of Edinburgh

    Kia Nazarpour is Reader in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence at School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh. His research is motivated by the potential of technology to restore function to individuals with disability. He currently leads a team of six research associates and several PhD students. Dr Nazarpour has received circa £8m funding from various sources and currently has active projects funded by EPSRC, NIHR, EU H2020, and ESRC, including an EPSRC Healthcare Technology Challenge Award, (£1m, 2018-2023). He has authored over 150 peer-reviewed articles. His research is broadly disseminated across science and technology hubs, as indicated by +50 talk invitations. His work has received many awards, including the UNESCO Netexplo 2018 award with citation “one of the most promising digital innovations with impact on society and business”. He is Founding Director of Edinburgh Neuroprosthetics Laboratory.