Professor Andrew TaylorClinical Director of Operations at Great Ormond Street Hospital

    Professor Andrew Taylor is an expert in cardiovascular imaging and has established the Centre for Cardiovascular MR at UCL & Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), where his is currently the Clinical Director of Operations.

    Andrew Taylor is Professor of Cardiovascular Imaging at University College London. He is the Head of Cardiovascular Imaging at the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science. His main areas of research interest are: the assessment of cardiac physiology using cross-sectional imaging; the development of models of cardiovascular structure, physiology and disease; the development of novel methods to design and assess new cardiovascular devices, the development of image registration methods in cardiovascular imaging; and the assessment of the role of less invasive autopsy in fetuses, neonates and infants.

    More recently, he has been involved with the development of 3D printing, with a particular interest in the artistic representation of the heart. This has resulted in recent funding from the Wellcome Trust or a venture called ‘The Heart of the Matter’, that brings together patients, families, artists, engineers and clinicians (

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