Professor Clare ElwellProfessor of Medical Physics and Vice Dean for Impact (Engineering)
University College London

    Clare Elwell is a Professor of Medical Physics at University College London and Vice Dean for Impact for UCL Engineering. She develops novel optical systems to image the human brain, and her research projects include studies of autism, acute brain injury, migraine, and malaria. She currently leads the Brain Imaging for Global Health (BRIGHT) project, which delivered the first brain images of infants in Africa.

    Clare is President of the Society for Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy and of the London International Youth Science Forum. She has won awards for her research, teaching, and public engagement, and was a 2018 British Science Association Media Fellow at the Financial Times. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and of the RSA. She is Founder and Trustee of the charity Young Scientists for Africa.

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    Thierry Marchal